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100 Business Etiquette Tips for Germany

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100 Business Etiquette Tips for Germany
english version
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100 Business Etiquette Tips for Germany

english version

Have any of these thoughts ever gone through your mind when doing business with Germans?

Who offers his hand first when shaking hands?

Should I walk on the left or the right side of my host?

How many pieces of jewelry or other accessories should I wear as a man or a woman?


Then the time has come to act. This book gives you a compact and competent insight into the world of business etiquette in Germany. The business etiquette author and trainer Susanne Helbach-Grosser has put together the most important business etiquette tips for you.


Then you´re perfect – or you´ve never really had to think about such questions.

In both cases it is well worth taking a look at this book. Above all, the humorous illustrations by Tine Beutel make the book entertaining reading on the train or a perfect present.  No matter how you decide, we wish you a lot of fun reading or making practical use of the book, simply looking at the fine illustrations or giving it to others as a gift.

This book is also available as a German version in our shop!

Seitenzahl 96 pages
Autor(en) Susanne Helbrach-Grosser
Format 11,0 x 18,0 cm
Verlag Little Helper
ISBN 978-3-939445-19-7
Farbe bicoloured
Erscheinungstermin July 2010

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